As working environments become more relaxed and staff hours are more flexible, hot desking is turning out to be a favourable method of managing employees.

The term ‘hot desking’ is essentially the method of having non-allocated workspaces to encourage and increase staff communication and innovation. This may be within a team of permanent employees or a self-employed individual utilising shared workspaces.

Initially part of Erik Veldhoen’s theory of activity-based working, it is now a business method used across the board. It has received praise for the way it adds diversity to a working environment, however it has also faced criticism with claims that it can make staff feel unsettled and affect productivity.

We have come up with a few hot desking tips to guarantee success…

Rent out a workspace

Another potential networking technique and way to give back is to rent out part of your office to freelancers and creatives that may want to make use of an office space every now and then. When self-employed, a change of environment can be necessary for keeping motivated, sparking new ideas and engaging with others. Plus, it is another opportunity to build your network of business contacts.

This is also another way to bring in a bit of extra money to the business and not waste space. By only offering day rental, this means you can have your space back as soon as you need it without much admin.

Utilise a shared office space

Most office blocks will have certain spaces that are being used by more than one business at a time. This tends to be start-up companies that only have 2 or 3 employees so don’t need a whole office to themselves but would benefit from a space for their team. However, this will still come with a set monthly rate for rental.

If you are self-employed and work alone, there are many places (especially in large cities) where you can work for the day at a one-off cost, without the commitment of rent. Prime spots for this way of working in London include; HubbleHQ and Workspace.

Don’t miss a networking opportunity

If you are working for yourself and utilising a shared office space, talk to the people around you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network and recruit potential clients or business contacts from like-minded business individuals.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, why not leave a business card on the appropriate desks. Personalised business stationery is an effective way to market your product or services to those that may be interested.

Online management system

Hot desking may get confusing in a busy office if people aren’t sure who is meant to sit where and when. Therefore, a management system would be beneficial in order to organise how this method is going to work and to make sure everyone is clear where they should be. This can then be catered around meetings, part-time staff and group projects.

Are you equipped with portable stationery?

The idea of portable stationery may not apply if you are a permanent employee in an office-based business as it is likely that there will be communal stationery that is shared around or placed on each desk. However, if you work freelance in multiple locations or pay to use a shared office space, it is important you have your own stationery and supplies that can be easily transported.

A practical briefcase, rucksack and pencil case will help you stay organised and allow room for all the necessary supplies you will need to work effectively.

Hot desking should encourage success and create an innovative working environment so should push your employees to work more effectively rather than hold them back. Will you be trying this out in 2020?