While modern day businesses may all be online and embracing the concept of a paperless office, the benefits of personalised business stationery for every business, from small start-ups to multinationals, are still undisputed. Here, we outline 6 benefits of producing personalised business stationery…


1.      Easy to design / produce

Of all the jobs you’re faced with when running a business, producing business stationery will be one of the easiest! All you need is your company logo, possibly your strapline, and your contact details, then you’re good to go! The range of business stationery available means you can choose a style and product that will be most useful to you and will best reflect your business. Plus, as marketing costs go, printing stationery is generally minimal. Easy, bespoke and cost-effective? It’s a no-brainer.


2. Exposure

Any business, big or small, will want to get as much exposure for their business as possible, to help boost their brand identity. Personalised business stationery is still the best way of getting your name, logo and messaging across to customers in a subliminal way. Events provide a great opportunity for this, which is why so many businesses will hand out pens, memory sticks, chocolates – whatever they can get out there to carry their brand, that potential customers will keep. And once again, the cost of producing say 1,000 pens to hand out at a conference consisting of your target audience, is minimal considering the value that comes with promoting your brand to those you most want to recognise it.


3. It looks professional

What better way to create a good impression and convey a professional image in a client meeting than taking notes on your branded notepad, using your branded pen, and leaving the client with your personal business card?


4. You can choose the stationery products that work best for your business

The vast range of business stationery available means businesses can be selective in choosing what will work best to promote their business. You may want to produce pencils, pens, letterheaded paper and notepads for use in meetings and to brand an event. Alternatively, for a conference, you could use mugs as an incentive or business cards to leave with clients. You may have separate stationery for the office to the stationery you use at events. The ease of choosing and producing business stationery means you can be as selective and bespoke as you like, with the style and products of your choice.


5. It creates an impression

The business stationery you choose will tell your clients a lot about your business. Therefore, taking the time to create a stylish, good quality business card with carefully thought out messaging and imagery, will go a long way in promoting your business the way you want your clients to see it. Modern day printing processes mean the sky’s the limit with regards to colours, style, quality etc. This means you can confidently create something that conveys your messaging in exactly the right way.


6. Design and promote your brand identity

Your business stationery provides an invaluable opportunity for you to promote your brand through the design of your business cards, notepaper etc. to convey your company identity in just the right way. You can feature your logo, messaging and brand colours to fit with your business identity and make a statement in a simple but effective way.

So, what are you waiting for?

At Ignite Print, we are experienced in producing high quality, bespoke business stationery to suit your requirements. Contact us for more information and a quote.