As technology develops, visual marketing is becoming the most innovative and successful way to grow your business. It involves utilising visuals such as images, videos, gifs and infographics to market a product or service. The great thing is that this technique can work well within both traditional and digital forms. However, it is important to get creative and ensure you stand out from the rest. Billboards, leaflets and newspapers ads need to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, whilst also containing relevant and effective messaging to your desired audience.

Visuals are just as important within digital platforms. Social media ads and email campaigns need to have the same effect even more so, especially when surrounded by an abundance of other businesses attempting to do the same thing.  

To help you achieve success, we have come up with 6 visual marketing tactics for growing your business 

Create infographics Infographic example

Infographics are a really effective way of producing visual content that still gets your desired message across and is easily digestible to the reader. Even if you are a small, start-up business without a graphics team, there are great platforms on the market such as Canva and Adobe Spark that make attractive infographics achievable, even as a beginner.

Stay on brand with colours and fonts, keep text brief and utilise statistics to achieve the desired effect. 

Produce video content  

Video content is on the rise and looks particularly impressive, if done right. Producing audio visual content is likely to have more of an impact than simple text or imagery. Your audience will be more inclined to watch and listen rather than read, therefore, keep it short and snappy but still attractive and of high quality.  

TOP TIP: Add subtitles to your video content for those that may stop and watch when scrolling but not actually expand the video to activate the audio.  

Quality over quantity  

It is much better to produce less content of a higher quality than to continuously churn out low quality content. Ensuring any content that you put out, especially visual, is relevant and of a high quality will increase your credibility as a business and reassure potential customers that they can put their trust in you.  

Important to think about; image resolution, brightness, colour clarity, clear text size and overall formatting.  

Give personalised messaging 

Personalised messaging is a great marketing tactic, especially effective within email marketing and campaigns. Addressing your customers by name assures them that you care about receiving their business and offering good customer service. Using imagery and language relevant to them will also catch their eye more when receiving the email and encourage them to invest further in your business.    

Send direct mail 

More traditional, print forms of marketing such as leafletsbusiness stationery or branded letterheads and envelopes need to be especially attractive and completely free of mistakes – including low quality images or typos. Using an external company, such as Ignite Print, for your printing needs ensures that you achieve high quality results from a trusted source.  

Post blogs regularly  

Blogs are a great way of producing exciting content that is of interest to your target audience. Blogs allow you to cover a variety of topics relevant to your business whilst also giving you the freedom to think outside the box and produce unique content.  

Regular, consistent posting alongside sharing your blog content on social media will ensure your audience is reading your content and know exactly where to find it. 

This can also be an effective way of attracting new customers. Providing solutions to common problems appeals to the masses and will navigate the right people to your door if you can answer their search query.   

For more information or advice on the design or printing of your visual marketing, get in touch and we will be happy to help.