In any office, there should be a full stock of necessary office supplies at all times and this needs to be carefully monitored. By doing this, your team will be able to work as efficiently as possible without having to rummage in their drawer looking for a pen or pair of scissors when needed.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce branded business stationery, incorporating your logo and colour scheme. This can even act as a marketing technique when out at meetings or having visitors to the office.

When managing an office, especially a large one, it can be difficult to keep track of stationery and supplies. Of course there are the mundane ways to keep track of this such as a master excel sheet or check list, however, we have come up with some more innovative, fun ways to monitor your office supplies.

Utilise modern technology

There are plenty of great options out there for digitally monitoring your office supplies and ensuring you never fall short.

Amazon Dash Replenishment is a setting within the website that allows your chosen products to be automatically re-ordered and delivered to your door without you having to do anything after the initial set up.

This setting can be found in your account under Your Dash Buttons then ‘Add Some!’ which will take you to a step by step guide for you to get started.

Other digital apps and software to organise your office supplies include;

  • Airtable – offering inventory management templates including customisable features.
  • Sortly Pro – mobile phone app, fully customisable with alerts, multi-user access and the ability to import/export PDFs and CSVs.
  • Canvas – mobile phone app suitable for many different types of businesses managing inventory and stock.

Implement a reward scheme

Rewards are always an excellent incentive to do something right. When in a busy office, it can be easy for organisational strategies to be put to one side. To ensure everyone abides by the rules and there is no confusion, implement a reward scheme.

Order in some quirky stationery such as a mini henry the hoover for the desk or computer sitters of film character favourites. These can be rewarded to those that follow the systems in place and contribute to helping the office run smoothly.

Give responsibility to your intern

If you are lucky enough to employ an office manager, their role would be to monitor all supplies, ensuring workspaces keep tidy and organised, and creating a good working atmosphere. Without a specific person appointed to this role, chaos can unfold, especially during busy periods.

Therefore, it is ideal if you can give this responsibility to another member of staff. Obviously you don’t want to add stress to more senior, strained staff members so an intern or apprentice would be a good option. Handing over this duty will make them feel like an important part of the office and allow them respite from day to day tasks. It can also be a fun thing to stick their teeth into, planning seasonal decorations and ensuring everyone is stocked up with the necessary stationery.

For better office organisation, implement a proper monitoring system for your office supplies. Check out our other corporate stationery hacks for a positive working environment. If you’re looking to update your business stationery and need any advice, get in touch on 01753 520 247 or and we will be happy to discuss your needs.