Canvas printing is an affordable printing method that produces high quality, long-lasting prints in a variety of styles and sizes.

A canvas print can add a little artistic flair to any home or office, can capture unforgettable family moments or can be given as a thoughtful personalised gift.

If your business can benefit from high quality canvas printing in the Slough area, than contact us today to find out how we can work together.

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Lightweight and durable canvas printing in Slough

A canvas print is an image printed onto a specifically developed type of material which is then stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. Printing on canvas gives a textured look and feel, and produces deep, vibrant colours because of the way the ink is absorbed into the material. The canvas is also coated with a special formula that protects the print from dust and moisture, to keep that “just printed” quality for years to come.

Their lightweight feel and durability makes them easy to transport and hang. Due to their contemporary style, they are a cost-effective way to effortlessly change the look of a home or office space.

The main benefit of canvas printing is that the frame is internally built in, so you don’t have to find a frame to fit your print or that suits your interior design. However, if you prefer framed images, there are frames specially designed to suit canvas prints. Another benefit is that there will be no glass covering your image, so you do not have to consider the issue of glare from the sun when choosing where it will be placed.

As the material is breathable, there is less chance of damage from moisture or humidity when compared with traditionally framed paper prints. They are also easy to keep clean, as you can gently dust or wipe down due to the protective coating.

A versatile solution

Canvas prints are incredibly versatile; producing accurate reproductions of family photos, landscapes and artistic designs across a range of sizes. They are a particularly good choice for larger wall art, as the material can give the print a painted texture. You can also create multi-panel designs, that can be arranged on a wall to build a series of complementary images.

Family photos always make great gifts, and by capturing those memorable moments on canvas, you can create the perfect present for a loved one. You could even design a collage of photos for your print, to produce an extra special gift.

At Ignite Print we offer a canvas printing service located in Slough, using only the best quality materials to produce the finest custom canvas prints.

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