NCR Pads

NCR Pads

Gone are the days of using messy carbon inserts to create duplicates of important documents.

No carbon required pads, or NCR pads, are the modern equivalent of the old-style blue dye pads, that make creating copies of receipts and invoices quicker and easier than ever before.

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NCR Pads

Receipt Book Printing

Using the same idea as carbon inserts, but in a more sophisticated manner, precise copies are made by a reaction between pages when pressure is applied. The first page is coated with a specialised dye that reacts with a type of clay coating on the second page, and additional pages if required, creating a clear and accurate duplication.

There is no need to worry about staining your fingers or smudging, as the oil-based dyes are contained within microcapsules in the coating that are only activated when direct pressure is applied by a pen or pencil. This new technology eliminates the hassle of carbon insert papers, saving you time as you do not have to place anything between the pages to make a copy.

Receipt books designed to meet your needs

Depending on your needs, receipt books can be made with more than one duplication page. Additional pages can be coloured for ease of identifying each copy, with each complete set glued together within the pad. Using this form of duplication allows exact copies to be made through a number of pages without fading or losing legibility, which is a common issue when using carbon inserts.

As pads contain NCR paper sets glued together, copies can be removed while originals remain in the pad, making it easy to keep your paperwork in order.

The most common use of the NCR pad is to duplicate signatures on contracts, but they can be used in a variety of ways for small and large businesses. They can be particularly useful for shop owners when used as a receipt book, and at Ignite Print we can provide a personalised receipt book printing service.

NCR pads are a low-cost way to collect copies of receipts and invoices quickly, as everything you need to create the copy is already prepared within the pad.

Using a custom designed receipt book is an affordable way to add branding to your business materials. By branding documents, such as receipts, with your business logo and information, you create a professional feel while ensuring customers know how to contact you in the future.

We provide a custom receipt book printing service, working with you to create pads that suit your business needs.

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