All the office stationery items you need

Founding a start-up is a busy job. To hit the ground running, your first HQ should be kitted out with all the essential office stationery items you need to launch your business. Never done it before? Just make sure you have these 10 start-up office supplies and you’ll be fully equipped to conquer the world.

1.    Business cards

Working in a start-up, you’ll need to meet people in order to get your business to the next level – and although online networking sites have their place, nothing can beat a personalised business card handed straight to your contacts. Don’t forget to consider the look, weight and feel of your new business cards – they leave a lasting impression with your connections and should give you and your business the visual representation it deserves.

2.    Diaries and calendars

Got big plans for the future? You’ll need somewhere to pencil them in. Online calendars are all very well, but there’s something immediate and tangible about a physical diary, which can help keep you focused on your upcoming appointments.

3.    Paper

Even if your ideal business scenario is to go paperless, you’re likely to need at least some reams of A4 to keep your office running well. For everything from invoices to marketing materials, personalised letterheads will make your business correspondence that much more professional, especially in the early days or running your start-up when brand building is of the utmost importance.

4.    Folders and filing cabinets

Good filing means you can lay your hands on any document with ease. It might sound trivial, but this will save you hours of time you could otherwise be using to plot your next business move! Start as you mean to go on, with a properly thought-out filing system from the off. Ring binders, box files and filing cabinets are all essential supplies to support your success; space saving storage is very important, as it’s amazing how quickly your folders will stack up.

5.    Pens and pencils

Whether you’re jotting down details from a phone call or signing your name at the bottom of a letter, you won’t get far without an abundant supply of pens. Have a couple of high-quality pens to hand, but as stationery has a habit of going missing, order a collection of affordable ones to back up your supply.

6.    Notepads

Heading out of the office for a meeting? Don’t forget your notepad. If you’re chatting with clients or associates, you’re likely to need somewhere to note things down, and with a branded notepad you can maintain a professional impression whilst ensuring that you don’t miss a beat.

7.    Envelopes

There’s always something that needs sending to a business contact or a client. Even if your business sends most correspondence electronically, you’ll be amazed how often a hard copy of something has to be sent in the post. At the very least, make sure that you invest in some DL sized window envelopes for official letters. Avoid sending items in larger, C4 envelopes if at all possible, as these qualify as Large Letters and will cost you more to post.

8.    Office hardware

Computers, telephones and printers are the life blood of any office. Get them installed before anything else and you’ll be able to function as the rest falls into place around you. Depending on your business, you might also need a fax machine, photocopier or credit card machine.

9.    Shredder

All businesses deal with confidential documents, often on a regular basis. From bank statements to HR records, it’s amazing how quickly they can begin to pile up. Dispose of them responsibly and don’t let sensitive data get into the wrong hands by investing in a good shredder. Shredders come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s worth getting one suitable for regular usage so that it doesn’t overheat or break down after repeated use.

10. Kettle and kitchen supplies

What workplace can function without tea and coffee? One of the first priorities in your new office should be to kit out the kitchen with all the vital accoutrements for your coffee break. A kettle, cups, teaspoons and ample supplies of tea and coffee will keep you going through thick and thin. Don’t forget the washing-up liquid! The last thing you need is a sink full of dirty dishes when your new client comes for a meeting.

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