Direct and targeted mailing is one of the most effective ways to generate business. Sending physical printed products such as brochures or leaflets and flyers by post to existing or prospective customers has proved time and again to generate more business than any other form of marketing available today. Suitable to target individuals or businesses alike, direct mail is great for advertising new products or services, attracting attention or rewarding customers with discount vouchers for future purchases.

At Ignite Print, we manage your direct mailing campaign from start to finish, whether it’s a one-off campaign or multiple mailings all year round. Personalised letters, insertions and fulfilment are all services we offer, as well as postcode specific targeting if this is what you desire. Whilst personalisation by name and address will warm your customers to your personal touch, why not try utilising other data such as wishing your customers a happy birthday or reminding them of their last purchases? If you have the data, Ignite Print can help you maximise its potential.

Over the years, our clients have found that our combined printing and direct mail services significantly reduce costs and time in comparison to using a separate printing company and mailing house.

Whatever your requirements, the results will be 1st class!