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Stunning. Vibrant. Beautiful.

Three words to describe every booklet we print.

At Ignite Print, we understand that your business brochure can be at the heart of your marketing strategy and a core way to communicate with your clients. A well-designed and exquisitely printed brochure will leave a lasting impression with your client, ensuring it remains top of their pile.

We’re committed to ensuring vibrant and accurate colour representation every time with the use of our in-house lithographic and digital technology. Whether you’re looking for a shiny, glossy booklet or a modern, matt laminated perfect bound corporate brochure, our booklet will produce stunning results and give you the ‘wow factor’ you need.

We understand everything about how a brochure reflects on your business – we have a wide range of paper stocks, finishes and creative touches to tailor your brochure to fit your requirements perfectly, all available for same day printing. Our team can help you from the concept stage, to design and finally printing, making the process seamless and enjoyable.

Our books are available in portrait and landscape format, but don’t forget our vast array of finishing techniques, such as using foil blocking, embossing or die-cutting to really give your business brochure an elegant feel.

To find out more about how our range of bespoke booklets and brochures can support your business, or to place an order, contact us today on 01753 520 247 or


Ignite Print offers both saddle-stitched and perfect bound finishing options to all our booklets, but we’re often asked which is best, so here are a few pointers to help you make your choice:


Saddle-stitched booklets are produced where the printed sections of a book are folded in half and two wire staples are passed from the outside into the middle of the book. The book is then trimmed at the top, bottom and fore-edge for a clean finish.

Commonly, saddle-stitching is the perfect option for smaller page count publications such as programmes, calendars, booklets, newsletters and small-scale catalogues. We usually request the page count is no more than 48 pages and must always be in multiples of four.

Perfect Binding

Perfect bound booklets are commonly referred to as soft cover books. The printed pages are collated inside of the cover and then glued with a strong bonding glue. The result produces a hard, square spine. The booklet is then trimmed to give a sleek, professional look.

Perfect binding is ideal for annual reports, corporate reports, manuals, larger catalogues and magazines. At Ignite Print, we offer an in-house perfect binding service allowing us to produce small and large quantities in a cost-effective manner.


Our booklets are available in the following sizes and can be adapted to suit your business’s specific needs.

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Get in touch if you require any further information about the booklets and brochures we offer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • A4 Booklets

    Our A4 colour booklets are one of the most popular and versatile products that we offer.

  • A5 Booklets

    A5 booklets and brochures are one of the best ways to endorse and solidify your brand name to new and existing customers.

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